Gaja Meat Pty Ltd is an Australian proprietary company, located in Lidcombe, NSW, running two main businesses; Retail butcher shop and Australian meat export to Korea.
The company is considering the market opportunities to expand the meat retail business by establishing a well recognisable franchise brand and Australian meat export business to Korean customers.

Our company, accompanying the techniques in the butcher industry from the past 15 years of experience in Korea and the 5 years of experience in the Australian Meat wholesales and retails, can approve the hygiene and quality of our products. Not only to the individual customers but also for the restaurants, our company will provide each consumers with quality meat that will suit Korean tastes and provide quality products to make a significant change in their eating habits and cultures. Our company plan to grow along side with our customers into a bigger business that will guarantee each consumers with first-class service and product. 


Mission Statement

Our store

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   Address: Shop 2 / 8-12 Kerrs Road Lidombe NSW 2141

   Internet Phone: 070 5025 1163 
   Local Phone: 02 9643 7007


Our company hires employees with the Craftsman Fabrication of Meats qualification to achieve the most sufficient work that will satisfy the taste of Koreans. On top of this, we’ll investigate into the Korean food culture and trend and put up to the quality. This style of process isn’t only preferred by the Koreans but the most general people in Asia. The method in containing the meat and cutting the meat will affect the crucial natural taste and quality of the  meat. Our company will focus on producing raw meat that hasn’t been frozen to keep its freshness. Carefully treated and processed meat will enhance the flavour and the value of the meat.


Meat has not only the protein but the most of other nutrition that will be needed for a human body.  Some people don’t eat meat as in the reason that it smells or just purely because they think that it doesn’t taste nice. This may be due to the mistakes and lack in support of the procedure in processing the meat by the retailers.  It’s impossible to purchase Korean Native Cattle (Hanwoo) in Australia. However, also in Australia, you’ll be able to purchase meat of similar quality. 


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