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Our company provides reasonably priced, good quality meats to restaurants, cafes and homes. Meats needed for certain areas can be purchased with a reasonable price ranging from small to large quantities at our store.

If you would like to purchase any of our products, please visit our off-line shop in Lidcombe or you can order through E-mail or text messages in advance.


The meat we can eat has to come through many processes to be on the top of our dinner tables. Whether if the cow is free-range, what type of cow it is, what processes it has gone through and what rate the meat is rated can decide the quality of the meat.



There are different types and rates in the quality of meat. For example, in South Korea, Korean native cattle (Hanwoo) is classed the first in between the beef cattle, imported meat and native cattle. Amongst the Hanwoo, the 1st class, A++ rated quality meat is the top class meat. This meat may cost over $10 for just 100 grams. It definitely stands out through the quality and taste. Like this, in Australia can be find more various types and grades of cattle (cow). Each price and quality of meat differs vastly. Therefore, having enough information to suit and arrange quality meats for Koreans should be more prioritised.

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